Monday, February 11, 2013

Get Involved!

1. Follow Rethinking Testing - sign up for our email list and encourage others to do so.
2. Get on listservs of groups concerned about these issues: FairTest, New York State Principals, Parents Across America, Change the Stakes
3. Tell your testing stories. Talk about your concerns with others. 
4. Contact us at about posting your video or narrative testimony on our website.
5 Write letters to the editor, to your local school board, your state and federal legislators, and to the NYS Department of Education.
6. Learn about parent boycotts of high stakes testing. Check out United Opt-Out National. Follow Rethinking Testing for more details about local boycotts.
7. Attend “Rethinking Testing” events and encourage others to do the same.
8. Attend board of education meetings. Encourage our local boards to pass anti-high states resolutions.
9. Follow us and share our page on Facebook at “Rethinking Testing: Mid-Hudson Region”.

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