Re-thinking Testing seeks to:

1. Educate parents and community members about how high-stakes testing hurts students, schools, and public education

2. Inform community members about the fiscal impact of high-stakes testing on school budgets  and on their school taxes

3. Examine how high-stakes testing takes away resources from other educational and after-school programs that the local community values

Educators, parents, and community members have joined together to build a public information campaign about the negative impacts of high-stakes testing. Race to the Top (RTTT), along with state and federal disinvestment and a tax "cap", are creating unprecedented changes in how we educate and how we fund education in our state.

Steering Committee

  • Karen Cathers, New Paltz Central School District retired teacher
  • Arielle Chiger, New Paltz parent and New Paltz Central School District teacher
  • Cynthia Listort, New Paltz parent and Kingston City School District teacher
  • Nancy Schniedewind, SUNY New Paltz School of Education faculty, former New Paltz Central School District Board of Education member
  • Susan Stern, New Paltz parent and SUNY New Paltz School of Education faculty member
  • Bianca Tanis, New Paltz parent and Special Education teacher
  • KT Tobin, New Paltz parent and former Vice President, New Paltz Central School District Board of Education
Logo designer - Matt Maley, New Paltz parent
Contact us at ReThinkingTestingMidHudson@gmail.com


  1. Hi, Would someone from your group be willing to speak at an upcoming PTF/A meeting in the Rondout Valley school system? Is there any contact infomation for this group?

  2. Thanks for your interest Rondout! I sent you a private message in reply.

  3. Hi
    Sorry but it's a start and I don't know who to really ask but...who would I talk to about NOT making Algebra a priority for some college courses? I'm 56 years old and went back to school...and this will be the FIFTH time I have to take Algebra for a History Degree~ I have a disease that is like dyslexia only with numbers and I literally cannot learn Algebra. Every other classes are all straight A's so I know it isn't my age! :)

    Thanks for all who reply.