Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Paltz Parents Implore School District to "Please help us help our children and schools!"

 June, 2013
Dear Superintendent Rice, New Paltz CSD Administrators and the NPCSD BOE,
We understand that a result of New York State’s new teacher evaluation plan (APPR) our teachers must conduct assessments based on their Student Learning Objectives or SLOs.  We also understand that as administrators, you are following directives and complying with mandates from New York State. However, as parents, we do not take directives from New York State and it is our obligation to protect our children’s emotional and educational well being. Assessment that is lacking in educational value for our children and serves only to evaluate a teacher is not in their best interest. Our children are not employees of New York State and therefore may not be used as instruments for teacher evaluation. We hereby request the following information:
·      *A comprehensive list of SLO assessment that have been or will be administered to students
·      *SLO assessment administration dates
·    *Learning standards to be assessed
·     * Amount of time allotted for each assessment
·     * The format of each assessment (computer based, timed test, written test, multiple choice, etc)
·      *Whether or not testing accommodations as specified on 504 Plans and IEPs are being implemented
As taxpayers and as parents, we do not believe that this request is unreasonable. A lack of transparency in this matter undermines the trust and collaborative partnership between parents, teachers and school administers and serves no one, especially not the children. Access to this information will allow us to advocate for the needs of our schools and our children. Students have already been subjected to hours upon hours of state testing and this June some of our children were be compelled to participate in the experimental NYS field tests. Please help us help our children and schools before a test driven education becomes a way of life.
Thank you for your continued communication and support of student needs.
Concerned Parents of New Paltz

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